Friday, February 27, 2009

Heated Mighty Pant - Women’s

Posted on 02/27 at 05:24 AM


Description of Burton LTD Heated Mighty Pant - Women’s:

Imagine wrapping your legs in an electric blanket that feels just like a regular snowboard pant, and you start to get the idea behind the Burton Women’s LTD Heated Mighty Pant. Flip the switch on this luxurious Burton pant, and envelop yourself in cozy warmth. A gentle and completely safe electric current heats this pant’s Thermo-Tex ink-printed liner. You control the temperature with a small rechargeable battery pack that fits in your pocket. Added insulation provides warmth when you’re not using this revolutionary technology. Mesh-lined vents remove any excess heat that builds up after a powder run, and Burton’s two-layer Dryride Durashell fabric keeps you dry all day.

Bottom Line: Flip the switch and heat up the Burton LTD Heated Mighty Pant.

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