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Hard Drive Destroyer

Posted on 06/01 at 04:11 AM


Manual Hard Drive Destroyer, is designed for the destruction of all standard hard drives. It is specifically designed for emergency situations when electricity may not be available and quick destruction is a must

This small, heavy-duty hard drive destroyer is maintenance free and completely self-contained. There are no fluids or external components to contend with and no adjustments or calabration required.
Government specifications require that in an emergency situation a hard drive needs to be destroyed so that a person or persons can not spin the drive. This must be done quickly and reliably. The MHDD meets this requirement. It takes less than 15 seconds to destroy each hard drive. All one needs to do is to insert the proper drive height adaptor (if applicable) into the slot and crank the handle 8 rotations. The internal workings of the unit press down on the drive, bending it approximately 90 degrees. The MHDD then pushes the destroyed hard drive out for easy disposal. To keep the speed at an optimum, the MHDD does not require the handle to be cranked backwards to reset the “bender”. It resets automatically, requiring the operator to turn the handle in only one direction. The bend will render the hard drive useless by bending the platter, damaging the heads, motor and circuit board. A standard ratcheting feature is also included to make it even easier to destroy unusually hard to break drives or if a high quantity of drives need to be processed.

In a “normal” national security operation, a destroyer would be used in conjunction with a degausser (media eraser). However, in emergency situations, when time is of the essence, this may not be possible. If the power goes out…if the plane is forced to land in enemy territory…if the embassy is under seige…all these and other emergency situations may require immediate destruction of stored information. It is for these situations that the MHDD is perfectly suited.

In commercial applications, the MHDD is an inexpensive alternative to expensive power destroyers, shredders and degaussers. The MHDD offers visible proof that the hard drive is, in fact, destroyed. Because the MHDD requires a minimal amount of manual power, it is extremely operator friendly.

In today’s world with the threat of identity and terrorism raging on, it is important to keep in mind that information must be kept secure and out of the wrong hands.

The MHDD also has a motor (MTR) option allowing automatic operation. This option does not limit the ability to be used manually in case of an emergency. The manual handle will still operate with the motor attached.

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