Monday, October 11, 2010

Watchs: Balance in Time

Posted on 10/11 at 07:51 AM


When you’re looking at your watch on your wrist, you want to know what time it is. But more than that, you want your whole life to be in order in that one moment. You want all the yin and all the yang to be perfectly spun. That’s why it’s imperative that you see that the first moment you peek at the machine on the strap on the piece of your body below your hand. This is the “Yin Yang” watch designed by the fabulous Daniel Will – Harris, known for his crazy, amazing, and fantastic watch collection, several of which are jumping off the shelves of our Yanko Store. Slap one directly unto your wrist. Taoist and fully moving in the ways you’d love it to be moving when you’re at peace with space.

Seriously, look at all the watches Daniel Will – Harris has blasted from the pages of his sketchbook into reality. He’s a one-man watch machine. Your emotions will run strong all day long, through all the hours of the day when you’ve got one of these fantastically constructed clickers on your wrist, just so long as it’s on there, ready to be glanced at! Get your whole day in total order in black and white.

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