Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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FAA Grants Terrafugia Extra Takeoff Weight for Road Safety Features

Sexy Toys, Woburn, MA—June 17, 2010: Terrafugia, Inc., developer of the Transition ® Roadable Aircraft, or “Flying Car”, has received an exemption from the FAA to allow the Transition ® a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 1430 pounds (650 kg). This additional weight accommodates the structure and equipment necessary for compliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) which are not found in other Light Sport Aircraft. Items such as airbags, an energy absorbing crumple zone, and a protective safety cage will increase safety both on the road and in the air. Exclusively applicable to the Transition ® , the FAA’s grant of an additional 110 pounds will allow a competitive useful load while providing a revolutionary level of crash safety in a Light Sport Aircraft.

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